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Lending Department
91 449 42 93, 91 449 41 43  
The Main Reading Room
91 449 40 95  
Information Service Room
91 449 42 28  
Interlibrary Loans Section
91 449 41 98  


2017-06-27 Summer vacation opening hours at Library

From Monday 3rd July to 29th September 2017 The Main Library (Lending Department, The Main Reading Room,...

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2016-10-05 Information for Readers

The student's valid ID/Ph.D. card is necessary to register in the Lending Room (140 Ku Słońcu Street,...

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2016-07-22 Important!-New bank account number for penalty payments

We kindly inform about change of bank account number for overdue returns penalty payments. New bank account...

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2016-01-13 Warning! Change of the e-mail address

We inform you about change of our email address, which you must send a confirmation of the transfer  of...

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